Sonic Mindfulness is the practice of mindful deep listening. Sound has historically been used in all cultures to support meditation and promote a sense of well being.

S Ó N I C A's projects are rooted in a mix of nada yoga, an ancient Indian system of philosophy, medicine and yoga that focuses on sound vibrations, classical western music theory, and traditional South American sounds.

Her unique journey currently includes collaborative workshops as well as Sound Bath, Sound Meditation, Meditative Concerts, Human Tuning, and Sound Therapy sessions.

  • Sound Bath: soak in a balancing sound experience with selectively curated electronic frequencies, Himalayan/crystal singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks, chimes, Peruvian seed shells, Indonesian rattles, overtone singing, and vocal improvisation. It is an excellent way for beginners to experience a state of deep peace and calm in an hour.
  • Sound Meditation: improving body awareness, listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, and one’s own thoughts heightens practitioners' internal/external awareness of their sonic environment while cultivating a greater capacity to improvise and express themselves with sound.
  • Meditative Concerts: redefining the traditional concert, S Ó N I C A performs with musicians all over the world to take you on an improvisational journey with voice, synthesized sounds, ancient and modern instruments. Blurring the lines between conventional performance and meditative experience, their vibrations bathe your vagus nerve, massaging the body from the inside out. 
  • Human Tuning: developed by Dr. John Beaulieu, this practice eases the body into relaxation using uniquely designed tuning forks and instruments played around and on the body.
  • Sound Therapy: releasing and processing stress is more accessible when the mind and body are in a relaxed state. Using strategically chosen sound practices in one-on-one appointments, Maraliz works together with clients to process then release pent up stress, cultivate confident expression and self appreciation, as well as bring some relief to the discomfort of chronic pain.